Glimpsing Shadows

As I read my twitter ‘stream of consciousness’ an era slips away and another slides into place, does it happen this way?

“Happy New Year, Spread the word, It’s Twenty-Ten, isn’t it?, My 2010 Resolution, modernising my social media experience, 2010 sounds very much like the future to me, 2010 … I wonder if it will be friendly? Shine A Light, That was a very touching post Mark, Learn to let go, On reflection, it’s been the most significant decade of my life, so far, Ending the year with a difficult blog post about something very personal, 2020 vision, Paradigm shifts are for people too stupid to spot trends, Trends for 2010 – The Conversation, Apple press conference (a big one) on January 26th, Apple’s flexible-screen tablet, with the wifi keyboard and mouse; I need to write these 1500 words, “Smart Cities that Care” … I don’t think #Cameron is the man to represent my “generation”, “You can’t loose if you don’t play”, my (as in one I’ve taken) favourite shot of this year,”



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