London Weather

We’ve had a (late) morning coffee, with some cheeses and french bread, talked about what we’ll be doing, I go on a bit about imagining the wonders of a ‘modular’ culture, local ‘factories’, local workshops, local cultures.

It’s still damp outside from overnight rain, must be damp air still coming through, the sun has tried popping out, but the clouds are rolling back in again.

It’s quiet, we’re pottering around. James and Biba have gone off to Sufflok to see Grandma Addie Fox in Walberswick, Southwold, straight up the A12, past Ipswich.

Radio 3 spreads around the flat from the new Denon micro/cd machine, the old system tidily sits here on shelves in the bedroom, unplugged. We talk of hooking up the record player and making CDs during the next year from old significant records, and maybe gradually moving our records on through the charity shops.

Marilyn was here for a few days, we slept on futon sofa in living room, probably didn’t help my back, still have bad back and cold, and some chesty, coughy thing. At least managed to get out with Marilyn a few times, the bus journey, a walk around the shops, a visit to Jude at the British Museum. Feel as though I need a good walk/cycle ride around the parks now. As always, eaten and drunk too much. Will take it much more gently today, maybe even eat some fruit.

We had presents and a mini christmas meal with Marilyn on Wednesday, seems so long ago. My present from Marilyn was a camera, I’ll give you one guess what she got me, I was totally and utterly gob smacked .. still am. We made a couple of ‘Family Album’ iPhoto Books for Marilyn and Wendy, which brought up lots of stories, and I’m sure many more will come out of this year. We’ll make an updated version for next christmas.

Got books on Christmas day, reading Murakami’s ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’, other books; The Practice of Everyday Life, Ivan Illich in Conversation. Jude got many CDs, mainly Baroque and Harpsichord … and we got loads of chocolate and wine, always much appreciated.

Couple of hours of daylight left, but the days are getting longer, not sure if I’ll get out today, feel weary and in ‘reading’ mood. We’ll see.

Merry Christmas.



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