I’ve visited an exhibition featuring Rosalind Nashashbi at the ICA. A film, Eyeballing, had occupied my time for a while; ‘towards a more intuitive form of working’.

Earlier in the day I had decided to have a wandering day; get out, go somewhere, let the day take over, improvise the day.

A dream, a recurring dream, surfaces; of trying to climb through a structure along a narrow and breaking, crumbling staircase. I eventually find a space to rest, but I fear I won’t be able to get back down. For a moment I feel uneasy.

I head towards the Tuttle Social Club at ICA; a morning of fascinating conversations. A visit to the Rosalind Nashashbi exhibition. A moment to reflect and set up a video of the ICA entrance and then out to make a picture or two. I arrive in Trafalgar Square. A strange chess tournament is being played. Part of the London Design Festival. I sit for a moment and watch. A woman from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brighton, asks if I know what is happening here. We talk of cultures, cities, towns, communities, the social internet and web businesses.

I realise time is slipping away. I walk back to my bike thinking about strangers in the city, negotiating our place in society and exploring the informal. I cycle towards Hertz in Marble Arch to collect a car for taking us on a long weekend in Maldon.




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