Cycling Past

The cycle floats me across Regent’s Park, the pocket-camera captures my shadow, the cafe provides me with tea, the brodband modem uploads the image, something called twitpic shows the picture, twitter informs my followers of this fact, 37 people have viewed the picture.
“Something is going on” words from a song come to mind .. I google the words, I end up on a site called metrolyrics, wrong lyrics, intrigued, I click the ‘Tweet this song’ link and then ‘Listen Now’. I don’t listen for long. I’ve drifted away from the song that is ‘playing’ in my mind; it surfaces, it’s, ‘What’s Going On’. I check it out on It’s there, Marvin Gaye sings .. Oh, you know we’ve got to find a way, To bring some understanding here today.
It’s ‘time for tea’,

(8911) soft, nomads, theme, silhouette, shadow, bike, self, sustainable,
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