Cycle Into Town

It’s late Saturday afternoon, about to cycle into town and then .. grrr, a puncture in the back wheel, and the wheel is jammed on, someone had put the wrong spacer on the back wheel last time it was serviced. Phone round the local bike shops to see who can sort it out.
"No", "No", engaged, engaged, "Yes". Cycle Surgery at 273 West End Lane in West Hampstead say, "No problem, but get it round soon". It’s a 20 minute walk away.

"It’ll be about 20-30 mins, probably be a good idea to have a coffee, next door is OK."
I leave the bike and pop into ‘La Brocca’ Italian Bar. Italy are leading Wales as I walk through the door, suddenly Shanklin is crossing the line and Hook is scoring in the last 10 minutes of the game. I order coffee from the bar as glasses of Guinness are being poured. Wales begin celebrating a victory and the Scotland Ireland game begins.

Sun shines through a couple of sash windows at the west end of the long room, bentwood chairs create bent shadows on the wooden floor, more people begin to crowd into the bar, it’s probably time to collect my bike. I’ll miss going into town today.

6829, Cycle Surgery, La Brocca, West End Lane, London, NW6,


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