Heat Exchange

Last week the nomads met at the Kings Place cafe our conversation drifted past the architecture of Kings Place, through The Guardian newspaper (moving into Kings Place), across to Norway (Robert giving a talk on 29 January at Hinde Street), past the concepts of Pi (π – 3.14159 – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi) and mathematics, touched on ‘Small Is Beautiful’ (Economics As If People Mattered, a collection of essays by British economist E. F. Schumacher – en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_Is_Beautiful); and on the way saw some Moo cards (http://flickr.com/do/more/www.moo.com/flickr/), talked about book publishing online ( www.blurb.com/partner/flickr/ ) and decided on a place to meet next week and a theme.

The theme is : Heat

• the quality of being hot
• intensity of feeling

In Our Time – Heat
‘… it took a very long time to understand what heat actually was …’
The science of heat and its relation to work is thermodynamics.

The Nomads next meeting is at the BFI Cafe on Thursday 11 December 2008 sometime after 10.00 am .. until after midday.

BFI Cafe (in the back of the BFI Film Centre)

Enjoy the week, keep warm.

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